Monday, 22nd Apr, 2024
Call for Contributors: Mysuru Zoo History Compilation Project


Are you passionate about the rich history of Mysuru Zoo? Do you have a collection of photographs documenting its journey through the years? We are seeking individuals knowledgeable about Mysuru Zoo's history to assist us in compiling a comprehensive book detailing its journey from inception to the present day.

About the Project:


Mysuru Zoo holds a significant place in the hearts of people of Mysuru and wildlife enthusiasts. With a history spanning decades, the zoo has witnessed remarkable transformations, conservation efforts, and milestones. As part of our endeavor to document this extraordinary journey, tracing its evolution from inception to the present day, this project will involve meticulous research, archival work, and curation of photographs that encapsulate the zoo's journey over the years to compile a visually captivating book that captures the essence of Mysuru Zoo's history.


What we’re looking for:


1.     Contributors: We welcome individuals who have knowledge about Mysuru Zoo's history and are passionate about wildlife conservation and photography.


2.     Photographs: If you have a collection of photographs, events, and the diverse wildlife capturing moments of Mysuru Zoo over the years, we invite you to contribute to this project.

Project Guidelines:


1.     Accuracy: All information provided must be accurate and well-researched. We aim to create a factual and authentic portrayal of Mysuru Zoo's history.


2.     Rules and Regulations: Contributors must adhere to the rules and regulations laid by office of the Executive Director, Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysuru.


3.     Collaboration: This project encourages collaboration and teamwork. Contributors will work closely with our team to ensure the project's success.


Note: This project is voluntary, and contributors will be credited accordingly in the book/publication.



How to Get Involved:


If you're interested in being part of this exciting project and have photographs or knowledge about Mysuru Zoo's history, please reach out to us at email: [email protected]. Kindly provide a brief overview of your background and why you want to be part of this project.

Join us in preserving the legacy of Mysuru Zoo and sharing its remarkable story with the world!

Last Date to submit the details: 20th May 2024


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